Research and Development

While our wide range of standard heating and ventilation products will suit the needs of many businesses and institutions, your requirements may be more complex. In addition, your energy efficiency goals may require the expertise of our engineers and staff who specialize in the research and development of innovative, environmentally responsible and fully customized products.

An engineering department for your heating and ventilation projects

Research and Development

Rosemex's research and development team is proficient in analyzing different environments to suggest innovative heating and ventilation solutions. These solutions fulfill the specific needs of our customers, particularly with regard to:

  • Energy recovery
  • Using greener products and raw materials (zero-carbon)
  • Designing or adapting low-energy-consumption equipment
  • Incorporating electronically controlled technologies (ECM motors)
  • Targets for LEED certification and obtaining environmental credits

These goals are just some of the issues we solve and the challenges we tackle for our clients. Our consistent mission is to reduce their environmental footprint and recommend solutions that are just right for them. Our equipment is laboratory-tested to ensure that it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Our research and development team is constantly on the lookout for new advances in our industry, and we collaborate with university researchers to further our innovations and green initiatives.